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Post  Admin on Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:52 pm

1. Feel free to express yourself, but please treat other members with respect regardless of beliefs, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, political party, favorite football team, etc. Attempts to harass members based on their demographic (or for any reason at all) will not be tolerated.

2. Sexual harassment of any kind will result in an immediate permanent ban, be it on the forum itself or in private via PM or even other websites. We will not tolerate predators.

3. Do not use this forum to spam your website, band, company, etc. We're not saying you can't promote it, just keep it reasonable and don't make it your only reason for being here.

4. Keep your language and post content clean. You don't have to be squeaky clean, just remember that there are kids and stuff here.

5. Do not post links to torrents or p2p file-sharing sites of any kind for any reason. For "regular" downloads, please make sure they are legitimate. If you're not sure, don't post it.

6. Don't make crap up to defame some band you don't like. Post sources and if you don't have a source remember that your post will be taken at face value (i.e. pix or it didn't happen).

7. Do not impersonate bands, celebrities, other members, Fred, etc.

8. For the sake of being organized, do not make threads about secular bands outside of the Music General section.

9. Oh yeah, and no drama. Nothing wrong with asking advice or venting about a real problem, but don't exaggerate or make stuff up just to get attention. There's no need for that.

10. If you see something that breaks these rules, all you have to do is report it. If we need any more input from you we'll let you know. Do not harass your harassers.

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